REMI D.I. d.o.o. (Cohline) Hydraulic Couplings are able to connect and loosen hydraulic lines filled with oil quickly and ease. This is achieved by using self locking valves situated in the coupling box and plug ensuring both parts are completely sealed. The transfer sleeve of the coupling box can shift towards one side.

  • - Robust quality and simple service
  • - Absolute closed and sure looking
  • - Current favor development of the flow cross section
  • - Interchangeable with almost all similar products

    galvanized steel Perbunan O-ring,PTFE supporting ring
    hydraulic oil on mineral- and Glycol-basic, air, water with anticorrosive liquid
    temperature range:
    F till +230F ( -30C - 110C)
    pressure range:
    coupling and decoupled 6090 PSI